Welcome. At BrainBody we do two things:

1. Improve mental health 2. Get strong bodies

Would you like

√ Find balance in stressful situations?

√ Feel energized throughout the day?

√ Feel more confident and attractive?

√ Stop worrying about what if’s and doomsday scenarios?

√ Learn to say no and set healthy boundaries?

√ Live your best life?

Yes, I want that!

Why BrainBody will work

Tackle Root Causes

We go to the root of the matter. Through our exercises, you’ll be able to: explore root causes, become aware of your limits, overcome anxieties and find balance in difficult situations. Whilst getting fit!

Develop physical resilience

Let’s be honest. Anyone with an online certificate can get rid of love handles. Here at BrainBody, we do more than that. We don’t want you to just look great, but also feel great. A sound mind, with a strong body.

The Best of two Worlds

Not only is our entire program created by a physical therapist and Olympic coach, Louis Wijdenbosch, but our program is also based on numerous psychological studies. By combining psychology and sport into personalized strategies, you’ll be able to live your best life. Both physically and mentally.

Ready to build a powerful mindset and body?

Some of our clients

BrainBody Corporate

Strong teams with strong leadership in happy work environments.
Do you want your team to function at a high-end level? Leaders, that utilize their best capabilities? An organisation that achieves maximum effectiveness? At BrainBody corporate, we improve collaboration, efficiency and productivity. Through physical and mental exercises, we empower people to give their best performances and develop positive mindsets. From small businesses to large companies, your organisation will gain a lasting competitive advantage.

Get healthier staff

At BrainBody corporate we

Build strong teams

Develop strong leaders

Create happy workplaces

BrainBody benefits


Stuck in everyday life? Feeling depleted? Through our program, you’ll recover from your burn-out and build a new way of living by developing strong leadership skills.

A Stronger You

By applying BrainBody techniques you’ll become stronger in the broadest sense of the word. Expect to learn healthy coping mechanism, become aware of your limits and of course, adding those extra inches to your biceps.

Reduce Stress

Stress wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health. Through physical activity, your brain will produce endorphins, which in turn reduces stress.

Improve mental health

Whether you’re dealing with a work-related issue or stuck in a never-ending family drama. With us, you’ll develop a range of mental qualities to withstand these pressures.

Lasting Effects

Our exercises are tailored to your needs, desires and lifestyle. In this way, you’ll have lasting results.